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Andrew De Vries, MBA | Licensed California Real Estate Broker #01368031 | California Fiduciary License #544 | Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Andrew De Vries, MBA | Licensed California Real Estate Broker #01368031 | California Fiduciary License #544 | Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Andrew de Vries
Residential, Commercial, Probate, Estate,
Trust & Conservatorship Real Estate Broker
Broker (#01368031)


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Testimonials from Andrew's Clients

8/6/2019 - We recently sold our family home.  Our parents purchased the home in 1962/63.  The sale of the property was personally very difficult because I have lived in the home the last 21 years. I have so many great memories of growing up there and graduating high school in that neighborhood. The sale required that Andrew work with three sellers.   Andrew talked with each of us individually and collectively. Andrew maintained contact with the three of us on an ongoing basis providing constant updates, and estimates for third party services. Andrew was thorough, meticulous, timely, accurate, patient, and supportive. Andrew provided a team of workers to complete necessary repairs, painting, yard upgrades, hauling, and removed the existing carpet. The carpet removal revealed the beautiful hardwood floors!  Andrew coordinated all necessary inspection reports to meet potential contingencies of the buyer's contract.  Andrew then contacted a company to beautifully "stage" the property.  After the pre-determined period to show the home was completed, we immediately received 4 offers.  I am very pleased with Andrew's work and I highly recommend his services. As I previously said, this was a very emotional separation for me.  I trusted Andrews's expertise throughout the entire process. Al Carter, Trustee Seller of 882 37th Ave, San Francisco for $1,425,000!
I was introduced to Andrew by a friend who worked for a Title Company and had interacted with him in various real estate transactions. She highly recommended him to assist our family in selling our home of 47 years, after our Dad's passing - and our Mom's sadness living there alone. Andrew patiently consulted us over a period of over 3 (yes... I said three) years, while our family exercised our prerogative to change our minds :). 

In all, Andrew assisted us with this sale for close to 4 years. He kept in touch over this time, without any pressure, just offering assistance and suggestions to help us get through our challenges. Once we were finally ready to empty the house and get it to market, his recommendations, his support team of estate specialist & contractor, his communication (frequency and thoroughness), his kind consideration, his candor, his honesty and his sensitivity made the process as painless as the sorrowful circumstances allowed. 

Andrew's marketing plan was clear and effective, we received 17 offers (all over asking), and sold at 27% over asking, no contingencies, with 25-day close.  He partnered with our family from our first meeting years ago, all the way through to the final close in 2019. We're so grateful, and we heartily recommend Andrew De Vries.
J.H., Seller of 106 Gaven Street, San Francisco for  $1,080,000.

06/14/2019 - My family and I are eternally grateful for Andrew and his crews for turning this burdensome project into a less stressful experience for us all.

His advice was invaluable when it came to deciding which repairs were necessary to maximize our return without overspending and staying within our budget. He had a great crew of licensed, bonded and insured contractors that could provide quality and timely services needed to get the house prepared for market without us being there. Andrew was timely with his communications, moved quickly to provide bids from his crews and scheduled them to work within a day or two once I approved the bids. I always knew what his next step was going to be and when it would happen. He kept me updated, informed and delivered on all of his promises.

Andrew put the house on the market, priced it correctly based on the current market and executed his extensive marketing plan. He had streams of potential buyers viewing the house and we received multiple offers within two weeks. He presented the best offers to us and we accepted an all cash offer and closed in record time. We highly recommend Andrew as your realtor whether you are selling or buying. He is the best.

Donna Massey, Trustee Seller of 3143 Cadman Rd., Fremont for $800,000 all cash.
8/6/2018 - Andrew de Vries coordinated the sale of two homes for our family, both Berkeley venues, and he was the consummate professional throughout the process. From the beginning, it was clear that Andrew is a superior realtor: his knowledge is extensive, his network ramifies throughout Northern California, and his sense of responsibility and attention to detail is extraordinary. He arranged the services of contractors, painters,and cleaning crews that made readiness of the properties for sale an effortless process. His marketing of the properties was superior: professional photographs illustrated the properties at their very best, and multiple open houses led to numerous offers within a brief time-frame. Andrew is the best realtor I have seen over the years--his responses to inquiries were invariably prompt and informative, and his performance and results always exceeded expectations. Highest recommendation! Katrina Nance - Seller of 1332 67th Street, Berkeley for $808,000.
11/1/2018 - We were in Dallas, selling a Bay Area property that was in probate, so things looked grim until Andrew took over. He handled every detail of the deal impeccably, even got the property re-painted, carpeted and floored, all in excellent taste aimed at selling, all without our having to travel to oversee anything. And he did things like go get the mileage off a car that was stranded in the parking garage so we could re-title it. Where there were hitches, he knew how to unhitch them. Can't say enough about his professionalism, smarts, taste and good nature. Oh, and we got a price way over asking, not that that's important or anything.  Jim Schutze, Seller of 6363 Christie #2004, Emeryville (1BD/1BA Condo) for $520,000.
6/23/2018 - When my mother passed away, my sister and I used him to sell her house in San Francisco. She had lived in the same dwelling for seventy years. Clean up was a struggle both physically and emotionally. We handed this difficult task over to Andrew. Needless to say, his crew was most efficient. He cleaned, painted and ripped up all the carpets and polished up the old, but beautiful hardwood floors. We did not stage, but received over a dozen solid offers on our five room, one bath home. Andrew handled all business and paper work as we accepted a cash bid $200,000 over asking. We recommended Andrew to our neighbor in Foster City who sold his condo within two weeks. Friendly, efficient and a good communicator, you can be sure that Andrew will work with you in successfully selling your property. Roxanne K., Seller of 110 Felton in San Francisco for $1,030,000.
6/15 /2018 - It has been a pleasure having Andrew de Vries as my realtor. He was referred to me by my Attorney and it was the best decision made. He is very kind, patient, detailed and looked out for my best interest. He stayed with me keeping me informed throughout the entire process of the sale. It is my honor to refer him to anyone who is interested in selling their property. I highly recommend Andrew de Vries! Glen Walton, Seller of 512 Grafton, San Francisco for $1,129,000.
5/23/2018 - To put it simply: Andrew de Vries was a godsend. The process of preparing our family home for sale was arduous and emotional and for years it seemed like an impossible task. But once we chose Andrew to help us, it was like a huge weight was lifted. His track record speaks for itself, but what I was most impressed with is his ability to listen--we had financial limitations on what we could accomplish getting the property ready to market and Andrew was very sensitive and responsive to our concerns. He has a way of being confident and assertive without being pushy. He's also resourceful--if Plan A doesn't fit the budget, he's got a back-up. He's also very thorough and a consistent communicator, keeping you apprised of everything step-by-step. He did a tremendous job, turning what had been, frankly, a highly stressful and emotionally fraught "nightmare" into a dream come true. Eddie M., Seller of 2 Dorantes in SF for $2,743,000.
1/22/2019 - In 2017 two properties came to my charge. I became successor trustee for one and sole trustee and co-owner for the other. Selling these properties was going to be more complex as they come from trusts. Under the advisement of our estate attorney we interviewed a number of recommended real estate agents with experience with trust/estate properties. Andrew de Vries was our clear choice. Andrew was a blessing. He was very professional and knowledgeable concerning preparations to sell the houses. Since we lived an hour away he handled much of the meeting with workers himself. A huge bonus was that he referred us to a handyman, painters and stagers he worked with. We used them all and they transformed the properties into desirable and marketable homes. From the start we felt confident and comfortable with Andrew. We interviewed him at the first house, which was empty, and while being direct, his comments were always for the positive. He kept us within a realistic budget for improvements. The house got multiple offers, the one we accepted had us very excited but only to have them withdraw after a week's time. During that time our backup offer had signed with another house. Over the weekend Andrew was able to get us a very good and "clean" offer (yes , over asking). This sale went thru very nicely and escrow closed quickly. The buyers were happy; we were happy and relieved to have sold this first property. Andrew made that happen!

The second property had been in the family for a while and it was a bit more work to prepare, a bit of a hoarding issue.  Andrew was very patient with us. From the start he understood that, while it was not a restoration, the work I wanted done was a to be such that it honored my sisters. All the contractors that came by way of Andrew also understood that I wanted to keep the Craftsmen character and charm. I believe we did. The offer we accepted was a little more complex. Through out the acceptance and escrow process Andrew answered any and all questions we had. He worked diligently with the buyer's agent, insuring that progress was moving forward and if there were any issues that they were immediately addressed. It was through this sale that we were glad Andrew was working with us. It was a reassurance that the success of the first property sale was not a one-off incident.

Through these experiences we came to regard Andrew as a friend and our agent. His experience and professional comportment are invaluable. He was open to any and all concerns. My wife and I feel we had a very productive partnership with him. I gladly recommend Andrew for any real estate transactions, particularly having to do with trusts.  
Al Esquivel, Seller of 1567 34th Street, Oakland and 4543 San Carlos Ave, Oakland
9/26/2017 - Recently Andrew assisted my parents with the sale of my Aunt's home in San Mateo. The situation was difficult and perhaps one that not everyone would want to tackle, as the home had been neglected for years. My parents had not bought or sold a home in years and were not familiar with the process. Andrew was methodical and professional about the way he explained the process, the task list and was patient as they learned how this would all unfold. He was without a doubt, the bright spot in this process. Andrew has years of experience and has crafted a level of customer service not often seen in real estate. His knowledge of the market was second to none, and his knowledge of the probate process and all of the issues that come with it was equally impressive. At the same time, his commitment to ensuring things were always done the right way was very reassuring to them. He made numerous recommendations on things they needed to do that were both efficient and cost effective throughout the entire process, and the teams of people he hired to aid in the clean up process were a joy to work with, and were speedy but thorough at every step. The suggestions he made were both fruitful and creative to ensure a swift and complete sale WELL above the asking price. Beyond being an exceptionally professional agent, he was smart, kind, compassionate, respectful, and communicative, at every step, making a daunting process seem comfortable. Andrew was an amazing resource throughout the entire process and our family would highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of an exceptional agent in the bay area! Annemarie, Bill & Mary Mainwaring, Seller of 1989 Ticonderoga, San Mateo for $1,750,000.
08/20/2017 - I met Andrew for the first time in June. I live in Washington State and as Trustee of my mother’s trust I was put in charge of handling her rental home sale in San Lorenzo, California among many other overwhelming tasks. I knew I needed an expert to help me with this. After some research and reading the testimonials of others, I contacted Andrew via email. He responded promptly with a telephone call. My mind was at ease right away. We scheduled a meeting at the house during one of my few visits to California in early June, 2017. He went by the house before hand and took care of all the details to get the wheels in motion. He handled all details of the sale, getting the place cleaned up and ready to sell. He kept me informed of every step and if I had any questions, he was available. The house sold in a 2 week period over asking price just as Andrew predicted it would. Hands down, Andrew was the best and certainly made a difficult overwhelming task seem like silk, I don’t think it could have gone any smoother! Thank you Andrew, a million times over. Susan Chambers, Seller of 15823 Via Del Prado, San Lorenzo for $590,000.
4/6/2017 - Our family had a difficult situation to face when we decided to sell our parents' home. Our family had a hoarding situation to deal with on top of selling the property. Andrew assured us that he had dealt with this situation many times before, so we trusted him, and put it in his hands. He was amazing. From the very beginning, he took care of everything. He had a crew come and do a major cleanout of the property. They did an excellent job. Then the house was listed with professional photos that showed the rooms in the best angle and light possible. Andrew stayed in constant contact with me so I always knew what was happening. Then the offers started coming in. Andrew helped me with his expertise decide which offer was best for us. Again, we trusted him. Our listing price was $349,000 and we closed at $488,000. Our family was very happy. Because we trusted Andrew, We were able to get the most out of our house. I highly recommend Andrew if you want to get the most out of the home you're selling. Suzanne C., Seller of 26619 Campeche St. in Hayward for $488,000
3/2/2017 - Bravo, Andrew! I have had to deal with Probate for my sister (who has developed dementia) and her (deceased) partner long distance - from Richmond VA to San Francisco. I must say that you have been not only been brilliant at selling the Coop apartment, but you have been wise and helpful in advising me throughout this complex process. As you can imagine, this was difficult for me, and you absolutely made the whole experience calm, assuring, and easy. The apartment looked far better because of your advice regarding modest improvements, it sold as quickly as you predicted, and we sold it for even more than what you (astonishingly) estimated. My sister is now cared for, and I am now relaxed. I can’t thank you enough. I would gladly tell anyone how professional, skilled, and kind you were, and emphatically recommend you. Bless you. Bob B., Seller of 1335 Laguna #6 in San Francisco for $580,000
9/25/2016 - Andrew: You have been absolutely wonderful in every way throughout this entire process. Out of all the people we've had to deal with since our mother's passing, by far, your brand of service and compassion have placed you at the very top of the others. Thank you for getting us through this process during a very difficult period in our lives. We sincerely appreciate you and everything you've done for us and our family. Trish & Phil J. Sellers of 269 Victoria, San Francisco for $766,000.
06/08/2016 - Andrew is a rock star and is extremely experienced and knowledgeable about probate sales. He helped us sell two properties, one was a rental property that was part of a partnership. He dealt with difficult tenants, homeowner associations and the headaches of dealing with probate sales. He's on top of everything, keeps you informed, offers great advice and is extremely prompt at getting back to you. He got the job done! Properties sold at great prices. Appreciate everything he did for us. Lance C., Seller for Two Oakland Properties for $1.125MM
5/13/2016 - Andrew went so far beyond the usual duties of a realtor that he’s created a whole new standard for the profession. The last few weeks as we sorted and packed up 40 years of our lives we had a reliable, competent, and resourceful friend at our side. We slept better knowing that Andrew was on the job. And the bottom line? The top dollar sale of our beloved building. Dianna Waggoner, Seller for 1717 Mason Street, SF for $4.75MM.
2/22/2016 - Hello Andrew: You're batting 1000 -- great job in guiding us through the sale of the house -- you covered all the bases from A-Z and I would have no hesitation recommending your services. All of your recommendations Re: preparation and marketing of the home were "spot-on" and I will certainly let the fiduciaries that I work with know what a great job you have done. Thank you again. Terence Murphy, Estate Attorney, Seller of 6033 Chabolyn, Berkeley for $1.1MM.
6/03/2015 - Andrew came highly recommended to me. Mine was a very complex situation involving probate, a reverse mortgage and a home that was destroyed by fire. Andrew was very professional and assured me that he would do his best, which he did. The home sold for $146,000 over asking and was only on the market for a couple of weeks. He was always on time for appointments and answered my phone calls and emails promptly. He put me at ease assuring me he would take care of everything and made me very comfortable. If you need a real estate who is capable and efficient, then by all means call Andrew. Patricia Salazar, Seller of 2039 Commodore, San Jose for $905,000.
3/30/2015 - Thanks so much for all your hard work this past year. I look forward to being able to refer anyone and everyone to you, I can’t recommend your professionalism and patience with this process enough. You made a very difficult time as bearable as it could possibly be, with incredible results. Thanks again and keep up the great work for others. Doug S., Seller of 3025 Quintara in San Francisco for $1,130,025.
2/24/2015 - I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work in getting our father's home (in Hayward) sold and walking us through the process. You're a rock star! Kory Frost, Trustee Seller of 1234 McFarlane, Hayward sold for $471,000.
12/15/2014 - Thank you so much for all your patience and guidance throughout my first probate sale. I really appreciated your professionalism, your willingness to answer my endless questions - and how downright unflappable you were (somehow you were able to make all the crazy issues associated with this house seem like run-of-the-mill matters!). I had absolute confidence in your knowledge and advice, which made the whole process as low-stress as it could possibly be. I look forward to working with you again. Jennifer Keystone, Fiduciary Seller of 32220 Minturn Crt, Union City
11/16/2014 - We had never sold a house before, and our first sale was on behalf of the family. Andrew’s knowledge and expertise were incredibly helpful to us. He helped us navigate through an experience that can be fraught with stress. His attention to details and positive attitude made the process easier. His strategies were very sound: he saved us money by explaining why we didn’t need to stage the house and his marketing plan resulted in multiple offers and a great sales price. We would definitely recommend Andrew. Dan & Tara Clanon, Sellers of 940-942 Wisconsin for $1.815MM
10/14/2014 - In all the mad dash after escrow closed, I don't know if I adequately thanked you for your amazing work on this sale. You did your normal stellar job in representing me and obtaining the contractor to do the work and agreeing to being paid out of escrow was so vital to our success. Again, thank you so much. I will be in touch when my next house comes up over whatever bridge is between Marin and there. Caron Schmeirer - Seller of 730 Myra Way, San Francisco for $925,000
9/20/2014 - I want to thank you again for your wonderful referral to Andrew. He has been great to work with and extremely helpful and efficient along with being most knowledgeable! A real expert in the real-estate business! Carol Dentz, Seller of 955 Shorepoint Court, Alameda for $300,888 from San Diego
04/04/2014- Andrew served as our real estate agent extraordinaire for the complex and emotionally difficult sale of my Mother’s home. I live out of state and asked Andrew if he could just “handle everything for me”, and he went beyond any expectations I had of what that meant. He used care and discretion interacting with my elderly Mother, hired and coordinated final upgrades to the home before the sale, and then handled the marketing and final sales transactions with exceptional professionalism. Every step of the way – I relied on Andrew – and came to expect top notch work. He never let us down. After just a few weeks on the market, we had multiple solid offers, and our family home sold for $65,000 over the asking price. If you need a seasoned real estate professional, who is smart, motivated and caring – Andrew is the one to choose. Liz Hoenig Seller of 588 Tyler St. Livermore for $585,000 from Washington State
3/12/14-Andrew is an absolutely fantastic realtor/broker and wonderful guy; he is most personable, creative, 100% punctual and DELIVERS with over the top results. I've bought and sold real estate for 36 years - Andrew is a gem, you sign on with Andrew and you'll be smiling broadly at the results. He can coordinate/handle complex, multi-unit deals with numerous parties, 1031 exchangers, financial institutions, work with municipalities, trusts, partnerships, staging company(s), or simple help you sell your home and find a new residence to purchase. No matter whether big or small, simple or complex (I've done both with him) you get the same superior high quality performance and service! John Dierke, Seller of 337-341 Liberty St. & 255 Westgate Dr. S.F.
1/14/2014 - The main purpose of this note is to let everyone involved know how completely satisfied I am with the work that Andrew de Vries performed as the real estate agent in this matter. He assured me from the beginning that I would have nothing to worry about at all and that he would be our "feet on the ground" in San Francisco. He more than kept his word. I had absolutely nothing to worry about, and the speed with which it all happened made my head spin. There is not a single complaint I have in how he handled this. I honestly cannot think of a single thing he could have done differently that would have made any of this any better. I am completely satisfied and truly impressed with his work. Thank you for recommending him. Tim Dunne, Seller of 10-12 Loyola Terrace, S.F. for $1.7MM from New York.
12/31/2013 - This is the first time I have posted a testimonial but Andrew de Vries was amazing with the sale of my grandmother's house in December 2013. Mr. de Vries was recommended to me by probate court and he told me in the beginning that the 1922 house would sell quickly, even it was in a rough condition, however in a great location. I did not believe him and hoped that someone would just offer the asking price and have a closed deal in a few months! Mr. de Vries not only kept his word but the house sold for $60K above the asking, an all cash offer with an 11-day escrow. I never, never, never would I have ever expected this type of real estate deal. I have not one complaint on how he handled this transaction - he made this sale easier to stomach considering releasing the family home was a hard but necessary task for me. I would use him again! I highly recommend Mr. de Vries for your real estate needs. Chivon Kemp Stephenson, Seller of Family Home at 2453 Park Blvd, Oakland
12/15/2013 - Thanks for recommending Andrew. That was very fortunate for me and I am so glad you mentioned him. He did a great job. I interviewed 3 realtors only because friends and neighbors insisted I do so but Andrew was the immediate choice for me when I met him and still was after interviewing the alternatives. I am recommending him to the neighbors and they are happy to know of him and would say anyone you know who needs a realtor will be in good hands with him whether it is probate or not. Kathy McNerney, Seller of 6534 Melville Dr. Oakland for $735,000 from Wash. D.C.
11/22/13-I've known Andrew for many years on many different levels, including Business School, and in High-tech marketing communications. One thing I've come to realize and am impressed by is not only is he very, very good at what he does, his track record speaks of that, but how hard he works on and off the field to be as good as he is. Therefore, when I reached out to him to sell my grandmother's estate over the Summer I knew he was more than capable to do the job. This was a complex sale and there were a lot of details that were needed to be put in place that only someone with Andrew's knowledge and experience could foresee to insure a seamless transaction. Looking back, I can't imagine what it would have been like if I didn't have Andrew's support. I trust him. I respect him. And, I'm blown away by his dedication and guidance. Todd Berger, Seller of 724 Devil's Drop Court, Richmond for $450,000
11/1/2013 - I was referred to Andrew by my realtor in Southern California for the sale of a house. I was in the unique situation of representing my father-in-law, who was out of the country, but I was out of the country as well. There was definitely a lot of uneasiness about working with someone, whom I had never met, via emails and phone calls. However, Andrew quickly made me feel at ease with his professionalism, attention to detail and prompt replies. He made the process as painless as it could be, given the circumstances. Keep in mind that I was in a time zone with a 17 hour time difference. Yet, he was very quick to reply to all my inquiries. He did an amazing job with the presentation of the home from the professional pictures to the marketing and multiple open houses. Within 2 weeks, he had multiple, and I mean multiple, offers. I had my pick from the cream of the crop and sold my house about 25% over asking price with a quick 15 days escrow. Overall, I can honestly say that Andrew is the best realtor I have every done business with. I have used about 10 realtors in the past so I have a pretty good sample size to compare from. I can only hope to find realtors like him in other areas. But at least I know that I have a go-to guy in the Bay Area; one that I recommend without hesitation or reservations. Michael K. Seller of Millbrae home for $1.48MM from Guam
2/12/2013 - Your recommendations about how to best prepare the home for sale were very helpful and cost effective, as was the contractor you referred me to and oversaw. In addition, your knowledge of the S.F. market and how to price my home proved to be very solid and resulted in attracting multiple offers and selling the home for $60,000 over the list price. Based on my experience I will recommend you to others seeking an experienced real estate broker. Russ Farmer, Seller of 1 Edinburgh Street, San Francisco for $550,000
1/15/2013 - As a licensed professional fiduciary up in Sonoma County, your help in preparing and selling the three properties in an estate I administered in San Francisco and Daly City in 2012 was invaluable. First, your assistance in analyzing the condition of the properties, marshaling their values for the estate, and managing them for over a year while the estate was in litigation was very helpful and comforting to me. Second, your recommendations for cleaning up and preparing the properties for sale, coordinating all of that work for me, and working with the tenants to keep them in line for the sale, saved the estate a lot of money and made my job easier. Lastly, your skilled marketing brought us multiple offers on each of the three homes and you were able to close each sale within 30 days, netting the estate a combined value of well over $2,000,000. Based your skills and execution, I will recommend you to other professional and family fiduciaries seeking an experienced real estate broker to guide them through this complicated process. Twink Smith, Seller of three S.F. & San Mateo County Properties valued at $2MM+.
12/1/2012 - I'm writing this reference letter based on my experience of selling my cousin's home in San Francisco's Miraloma Park with Andrew de Vries. As I live in Santa Rosa, Andrew's guidance about what needed to done to the home and his management of all of the preparation work, including painting, floors, appliances, was very helpful to us, as were his regular phone and email updates as to the progress. Once the home was ready, Andrew's professional photos showed the home in its best light and his pricing and marketing strategy and execution worked. He sold our home to a qualified buyer in 30 days with no hitches for $700,000. Ultimately, Andrew saved the trust money by doing the footwork for us and made a great sale. I would recommend him unreservedly. Ron Carrey, Seller of 733 Rockdale Way, S.F.for $700,000.
3/12/2012- Thank you Andrew for the great job you did selling my father's home in San Francisco, after another set of realtors could not. Your ability to be straight-forward with us about pricing, and what we needed to do to get the home sold was very refreshing...and your advice turned out to spot on as you brought us 3 offers in the first 30 days on the market. In addition, your knowledge of trust sales and how the court confirmation process works, was very comforting to us, and apparently to the buyer as well, who seemed at ease with the process once you got them into contract for us. Based on our experience working with you, we will gladly recommend you to other sellers in need of an experienced real estate broker. Liz Casalett, Seller of 2800 Ocean Ave, San Francisco CA from Granite Bay CA
7/1/2011- Andrew sold our home in about 30 days or so! He really helped us make the right choices and we highly recommend him to any homeowner/family trying to sell their home, especially if you are relocating out of state. He helped us choose an excellent painting and home repair crew that made a tremendous in with the things in our home that needed attention. He also referred us to Bella Casa Home Staging and they put the finishing touches that made us want to stay in our home forever. Andrew was wonderful with our small children and was "on schedule" with each progression! We really feel that we couldn't have made a better choice. We hope to find a realtor as good as Andrew when we buy our next home in Georgia. Thanks Andrew & Prudential! Dana & John C, Seller of Glen Park Home to move to Atlanta, GA.
04/01/2011- Selling a home, particularly in a changing market, can be very challenging. Your knowledge of the process, and ability to work well with me, my CPA, and my attorney – as well as painters and floor finishers – made for an effective start. In addition, your handling of all aspects of preparing the home for sale was a great relief for me, and your suggestions on how to price and market my home were right on target. Based on your plan, we received three offers and sold the home in 30 days for $30,000 over asking. Based on my experience, I would gladly recommend you to anyone selling property in the Bay Area. Michelle Standridge Seller of 91 Winfield Street, San Francisco CA
3/25/2011- Your ability to come up with an effective marketing plan to sell all four of our properties concurrently over the Christmas and New Year holidays (and during the rainy season) was very impressive. And, what was more impressive was that you delivered on your promises by bringing solid offers for each property, and closing each of the sales within four weeks of listing them. In addition, your ability to work with a very diverse group of participants – from our Section 8 tenants and our trust attorney, to the attorney for the other beneficiaries – was extremely helpful in defusing a potentially contentious situation. Based on our experience working with you,we will gladly recommend you to other sellers in need of real estate sales in the future. Dominique Jaussaud, Trustee, Seller of four East Oakland properties.
03/2010- As a new trustee with many siblings, I appreciated how you kept my family informed on the market and what we needed to do to the home for over a year, while I worked to get all of the family members situated out of the home and onboard with the sales plan. Once we were ready to go to market, your knowledge of the trust sales process and suggestions on how to best market our home were extremely helpful. After we removed all of the items from our home we wanted to keep, we basically handed you the keys, and you coordinated all the clean up, hauling, painting and repairs of the property. Your team did a great job; we were on the market within three weeks and had offers over asking price in five weeks. Best of all, as this sale required court confirmation, your diligent marketing resulted in a $55,000 overbid in court, as well as a close in less than 30 days. Based on our experience with you, we will gladly recommend you to other buyers and sellers in the future. Frank Moore, Seller of 1927 47th Avenue, San Francisco, CA
03/01/10- I appreciated your assistance in arrainging and overseeing an estate sale with a qualified liquidator, cleaning and preparing the home to make it look its best, and coordinating a landscape crew to bring the overgrown yard back to showing quality.Your service was even more valuable to me as I live out of the immediate area and did not have to make multiple trips back and forth. You basically took care of everything on the ground and left me to choose the best offer when the time came.That said, most of all I appreciated your expert guidance in how to price the home well for the market, and your ability to attract multiple buyers and offers in a tough economy. Jack Harper, Seller of 527 Wayland, San Francisco CA
11/2009- As you know, a professional fiduciary’s job can be very challenging as there are many players to manage in a trust administration. Your knowledge of the estate and trust sales process, and ability to work well with co-trustees and attorneys-as well as tenants, haulers, cleaners and contractors-made for an effective sale, while freeing me up to focus on my business down here in Santa Cruz. In addition, your handling of all aspects of preparing both properties for sale was excellent, as were your suggestions on how to price and market the properties attractively. Finally, the fact that you are able to sell both deferred maintenance properties in “as-is” condition for good prices in a short amount of time in a challenging real estate market was of great benefit to the trust and appreciated by all parties. Based on my experience, I would recommend you to other fiduciaries, families and anyone selling property in the Bay Area. Sandra H., Seller of 478 Baden and 206-208 Spruce Street, South San Francisco CA
10/2009- Andrew, you did an outstanding job selling three properties in San Francisco for me over the course of this year. Each of these properties (two condominiums and a three-unit building) needed sizeable work and each of them had issues with family members. Your ability to work to mutual benefit with all parties and sell “around” these issues was exceptional, as was your knowledge of multi-unit sales, landlord tenant relations, and condominium conversion procedures. I also appreciated your skill and diligence in finding a motivated buyer for each property, and making sure that each buyer qualified for financing-ultimately to the tune of over two million dollars-in what has proven to be a very difficult time to get financing. Any fiduciary or just plain homeowner in the area would be well-served working with you. Anthony B, Seller of 341 Corbett and 252-254 Clinton Park, San Francisco CA
07/15/2009- I need to thank you especially for the sensitive and professional efforts you brought to the task of selling the house. You went above and beyond with a wonderful website, the assistance that you gave my family in arranging packing and storing the contents, and the patient understanding that you gave all of us. Your recommendation of the DeLancy movers was very much in sync with our personal values, and we were able to find places for those things my brother did not want where they will be used and treasured. Mom didn't want things thrown out or "pawed" through as an auction, and I was so pleased that we were able to fulfill that wish. If ever we are house hunting in the Bay Area, you can be sure that will be the first person we contact--for your knowledge and for your high standards (perhaps not so far fetched after all as one of my daughters longs to move there), and in the meantime, thank you. V.F., Seller of 5455 Golden Gate Avenue (Upper Rockridge), Oakland, CA
6/20/2009- I am writing to unconditionally recommend Andrew de Vries as a realtor. I wanted to sell a property held in trust in Oakland, California in the Spring on 2009. I wanted to do so as quickly as possible. Andrew was recommended to me by an attorney as a realtor who specializes in trust sales in the San Francisco Bay Area. I interviewed Andrew and two other realtors recommended by neighbors and family. In the Spring of 2009 this market was dominated by short-sales and foreclosures, and pricing of sales was trending downward. Andrew distinguished himself from the others by outlining a detailed, and more comprehensive marketing approach, and a specific plan for evaluating responses and re-pricing the property, if necessary. Andrew's comprehensive approach to marketing the property generated three offers above the asking price within 10 days. He recommended the inspector to use, offered his assessment of the buyer's financial position, and detailed the setps to conveying the house to the buyer I selected. He kept me informed about the status of each step in the process, and was always available for questions. What I appreciated most about Andrew's approach was his objectivity. He made sure that I had realistic expectations about the market, the purchase and sales agreement, the possible problems I might encounter prior to finally conveying the title to the property. Andrew exceeded my expectations about working with a realtor, especially at a distance and in a difficult market. He made this sale an effortless experience for me. His professionalism and helpfulness were outstanding. I highly recommend him. Ed Balkovich, Seller of 2820 High Street, Oakland, CA
04/01/2009- I could tell right away I had the right agent for my challenging project. It was a long and windy road, but your communication was very direct and efficient. At closing I was able to breathe a big sigh of relief and be thankful. I want to express my many thanks for all your great advice, patience, efficient communication, and very professional work ethic. You most definitely get my highest recommendations. David Barrett, Seller of 1842 10th Ave, San Francisco CA
01/26/09- Following my brother’s passing in May 2007 and posting notices in California newspapers, you wrote to me in Vermont to offer your services if I decided to sell his home. Other real estate agents did likewise. I came to San Francisco to stay in his home while working with probate lawyers and accountants and to interview the various real estate agents who had contacted me. After thorough review of the proposed sales/marketing plans from each agent, I chose to work with you as your strategy struck me at the most effective one. I had two separate appraisals made on his house and your careful analysis suggested I might be able to get a somewhat higher price than the appraisals indicated.We closed escrow successfully within about two months from the date that you and I signed our agreement.I think you did an outstanding job for me and would recommend your services to anyone looking for a highly intelligent, skilled, and honest real estate agent in San Francisco. John T. Hoyt, Seller of 515 Teresita, San Francisco, CA from Randolph VT
01/2009- From the start to finish of the home buying process, Andrew was attentive, informed, and more help than I expected. We started out with a series of very informal conversations about what I was looking for, and he really helped me zero in on what I was looking for. At the start, when I knew almost nothing of the real estate scene in San Francisco, he provided a no-pressure resource, pointing me towards interesting properties to check out, and all the while keeping notes on what was important to me, while helping me narrow my focus. Never once did I feel any pressure to make a decision, and on more than one occasion, Andrew proved to be the voice of caution when I was swept up by something that caught my sense of romance, but may not have made a wise investment. After almost 10 months of looking, I found the perfect place for me, and because of his help and guidance, I felt calm and confident that I was making a smart choice. The purchase is where a realtor really comes in handy, and Andrew didn't disappoint. He patiently walked me through making my first bid, and came to each meeting armed with all the useful data and information I wouldn't have thought of. He helped me make a competitive bid, and in the end I got a fantastic deal on my place. Even after I closed, he's always there for me when I have a question.If you're just starting the process and have no idea what you're looking for, or already have everything figured out and want a dynamo in your corner to help you make it happen, Andrew's your guy. He's absolutely the person you want in your corner, especially if real estate is nothing but intimidating to you. He's patient, considerate, tireless, and really listens to what you need. Kyle M., Buyer of Castro Condo San Francisco CA
11/19/2008- I wish to thank you for the excellent work you did fo rme duriing a difficult time. Your compassion and understanding was beyond what I expected. You not only followed the neccessary, but skillfully and politely dealt with long-time tenants , keeping us informed of the progress, thus relieving me of the burden. The fact that your expertise and dedication had the property sold within two weeks at an above asking priceenables me to reccommend you to anyone who may be in need of a real estate agent. Thank you! Martha Hughes, Seller of 1232 Anza St. San Francisco CA
10/16/2007- I would first like to express my sincerest appreciation for making the entire trust sale process smooth and stress-free for me. You quickly and efficiently had the home professionally cleaned and prepped for sale, coordinated all the home inspections via reputable companies, and collected all neccesary disclosure, all the whil keeping us completely informed each step of the way. Once on the market, your marketing plan garnered us 16 offers within 10 days and resulted in a strong sale that was closed within 30 days. That said, I complement you on your dedicated professionalism, enthusiastic nature and knowledgeable guidance, praticularly from afar. George Dondero, Seller of 2218 Quintara St., San Francisco CA
08/03/2007- When my mother passed away unexpectedly, as the administrator of her estate I felt a huge task. I also lived and worked in Los Angeles. Andrew deVries was a godsend. We discovered that my mother was a world class pack rat and papers were everywhere. Andrew kept me calm, assuring me that he would work closely with me through the process of liquidating her home and selling it. He explained every step of the procedure. He provided a detailed prospectus on the house sale and what to expect. My attorney was very impressed with his attention to detail. Andrew found me a reliable, super professional house liquidator. This helped me feel as if I had a team of experts working for me. I was so thankful that he kept in almost daily contact with me in Los Angeles. Considering the chaos we started with, he made it easier for me than I could have imagined. Understanding the uniqueness of a probate sale, he appreciated how difficult it was for me to sell my family home. Most memorably, his kind touch guided me through those emotional times. He also got me over two-hundred thousand dollars MORE than I was asking! Though our business together was a few short months, I now think of him as a friend Diane Nichols, Los Angeles CA
06/2007-A professional fiduciary's job can be quite stressful. That said, your knowledge of the estate, trust and general probate sales process, and ability to work well with attorneys, made for an effective sale while freeing me up to focus on my clients. In addition your ability to assist me in effectively preparing each home for sale, pricing them at an attractive market value and aggressively marketing that was top-notch. The same goes for your ability to negotiate on each of my client's behalf with a variety of buyer, which ultimately resulted in me further benefiting my clients by closing the sales at strong prices.Based on my experience in working with you over the last three years, I would recommend you to other fiduciaries, families, ad anyone selling property in the Bay Area. Herb Thomas, Alameda CA, Seller of multiple Bay Area properties
11/2006-You were originally referred to us by our estate liquidator who said that your experience and professionalism with trust and estate sales would allow us to sell the home for a good price in a timely manner.Thank you for living up to that billing, You made the trust sale process as stress free as possible and were able to bring us 7 offers quickly and close the sale in 30 days. perhaps best of all you acted as a great intermediary between and my other family members, most of whom live out of the area and are not familiar with the current real estate market. Your ability to explain the current market to them and make them comfortable with the actions I was taking to sell the house was very helpful during a stressful time. Nanci Sweitzer, Fresno CA, Seller of 653 San Frenando Rd. Berkeley, CA
06/19/2006- As the trustee of an estate, I assumed the most daunting task of my trustee duties would be selling the house. Instead, the sale of the largest asset of the estate turned out to be the simplest and smoothest part of the process. It was clear from our first phone conversation that I was talking to a very smart, enthusiastic, experienced and thoroughly professional realtor. Those were the qualifications from a realtor that I felt were essential. At our initial meeting I was most impressed with how well prepared you were to discuss possible sales strategies for the property and to answer whatever questions I posed. Shortly after I signed on with you as the selling agent you presented me with a very detailed marketing strategy for the property. When the time came to put the property on the market you execute your sales plan to perfection. Your perception that the property was unique and likely to generate lots of potential buyer interest was right on mark. I could hardly believe my ears when, while vacationing on the other side of the country, I received your call informing me of the 13 offers that had been received on the preset offer day. I would have been ecstatic with 3 offers to buy. In the end, it cannot get much better than to receive $202,000.00 above asking and have escrow closed in 30 days. I very much appreciated how you took care of everything involved in selling the property: securing necessary inspections, making certain that the property was cleaned up prior to sale, even referring me to an attorney for sales related tenant issues. You kept me well informed every step of the way and managed to make a complex process smoother than I ever though possible. While securing a great deal for the estate was the most important part of our business dealings, being able to undergo the process in a totally stress-free manner was an incredible and most appreciated bonus to me and my family. In the future, please to not hesitate to use me as a referral for potential clients. Bill Uhlman, San Francisco CA, Seller of 1927 6th St. San Francisco CA
06/05/2006- We hired Andrew to sell our TIC unit in San Francisco after attempting to sell the unit on our own for several weeks. We chose him based on his knowledge of TIC sales and his plan to get our property sold in our timeframe as we were preparing to leave the country. He quickly helped us stage the property, landscape the rear yard and work out the details of a rough draft of a TIC agreement with our attorney. He got our home widespread visibility, negotiated extensively on our behalf and got us into contract with two qualified buyers(in succession), all in a market that indicators said was past its height and declining. Other units down the street did not sell as quickly and sold for less. Ultimately we got a good set of TIC partners and a strong price for the unit. Britlyn & Manu Gulati, San Francisco CA
03/21/2006- Picking a listing agent in San Francisco is difficult, as there are many that are qualified and want your business. Andrew's energy, preparedness, market knowledge and track record made him stand out; in hindsight, I now know I made the right choice. He provided me with great recommendations on how to prepare my home for sale and hired and supervised excellent vendors to paint and stage property. Ultimately, he executed a strong marketing plan that got my home wide-spread visibility and multiple offers, all in a market that indicators said was past its height and declining. Based on this experience and our fast close at a high sales price, I would recommend Andrew to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in San Francisco. David Korn, Seller of 4 Seymour, San Francisco CA
2/16/2006- Dear Andrew: My daughter and I can't thank you enough for the fast and efficient manner in which you helped us sell our home at 1228 Hawes Street, San Francisco, CA. It was also such a delight to work with you because you are so courteous and professional. After having an unpleasant and unsuccessful experience with another agent, I was in a state of panic when I received your telephone call seeking my listing. We had received a date to close on our home under construction in Texas and still had not sold our home in San Francisco. We were frantic that we would not sell fast enough to complete that deal and would have to start the process all over again. With your outstanding presentation and steadfast assurance that you could meet our expectations, I was fully convinced that you were the right choice and relieved my problems were over. You listed our home immediately and at a price that would generate the most offers. Then you handled everything regarding the entire process. Within three days, we began receiving offers and sold our home n two weeks for $61,000 over our asking price. Because of your expert efforts, our relocation to Texas was timely and we are now enjoying our brand new home. Once again, thank you so much Andrew for making the sale of our home a successful and pleasant experience. LaDell and Stasea Waller, Sellers of 1228 Hawes St. San Francisco.
1/18/2005- Andrew de Vries is "the best" I am quoting Sonia from A-Perfection Janitorial, who has worked with Andrew in the past, when I say this, and I could not agree more! I found Andrew to be professional, knowledgable, experienced, trustworthy and a high energy kind of guy. The frosting on the cake was that I also liked him. My father died leaving me the trustee of his estate which included the home my father had lived in (and I grew up in) for 58 years. My lawyer recommended that I interview several realtors in my position and gave me a list of names. After interviewing three, I chose Andrew. What a great decision it turned out to be! Andrew guided me through all the steps in preparing the home for sale in a very steady, organized and respectful manner. His proposed asking price was right on target, given the appraisal report that came in a few days later. Under his guidance the house showed very well and a sale was accomplished in a remarkably short time with the sale price astonishingly greater than the asking price!I felt completely confident in leaving the sale of the home in Andrew's hands. He kept me well informed at all times. I was able to close the sale of the house at a distance. To repeat: Andrew deVries is the best! Crill Campbell, Seller of 1712 Janyes St. Berkeley.
9/15/2005- I am in the Real Estate Industry, and know literally thousands of realtors and when it came time to sell my Tenants-in-Common unit, I knew the person to call was Andrew. Andrew was organized and professional throughout the process. Andrew's strategic marketing plan created an exciting buzz in a market which I thought was limited: Andrew proved me wrong. He was very caring, knowledgeable, informative and effective throughout the sale. I will definitely work with Andrew again and I highly recommend him for your real estate needs. Ranya Kaileh, Seller of 4125 24th St. #4, San Francisco CA
06/06/05- I wanted to follow-up and tell you how extremely pleased I am regarding your handling the listing and sale of the family real estate on Liberty Street. As you'll recall before listing with you at prudential, I had the property listed withe BT realty for six months. Not only could they not sell it, they called me once with a verbal offer about 400,000 below what you sold it for. Your approach of marketing the unit as a TIC property was a win/win for everyone! The new tenants/buyers were happy, you were happy and I am/was ecstatic. Thanks to your efforts and contacts, the vacant property was staged with appropriate furnishings, minor cosmetic repairs, painting done, inspections handled and all the bureaucratic paperwork handled. Beside the fact you were able to get a substantially higher price for our property than any other comparable one in the area, the fact that you made all the arrangements on my behalf was just terrific. The prices charged by the various vendors you secured were excellent values. In fact, the staging vendor sent us a $1,000 refund because you sold the property in just two weeks after showing it. So the bottom line Andrew is this--thanks to your persistence securing us clients, your knowledge of the San Francisco real estate market and rent ordinances, we were able to take a multiple unit property that was netting about $30,000 a year and trade it for an investment netting in excess of $100,000 a year--all because of your efforts. Thank you again for your professionalism, enthusiasm, and just plain hard work on my behalf.I really look forward to meeting you in person; its hard to believe this was all accomplished remotely. Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference for future clients. Having bought over twenty-five properties I can say you are the best! Thanks. John Dierke, San Francisco.
10/15/2004- Thank you for the help in selling my home of 40 years in the sunset district. I appreciated that you called me directly to solicit my business and kept that very active approach throughout the sale of my home. You helped me present my home well, found me a good buyer, and kept the intrusion on my home to a minimum while I prepared for my move to a retirement home in Seattle. I also appreciated your help with the cleaning, gardening, hauling and ultimately closing the deal when I left town. Based on my experience I would recommend you highly in the future. Norma Hieta, Seller of 1886 38th Ave, San Francisco.
09/09/2004- After a lengthy period of listing my home with another agent and not receiving any offers, your active market approach was a welcome relief. You were able to position my unique 2-unit home well for the market and get it noticed by the right people. Within two weeks of listing with you I had multiple offers at the price point I wanted and felt the remodel deserved. In addition I appreciated that you managed the process smoothly and your ability to set realistic expectations of what I should expect during the sale. Based on my experience I would gladly recommend you to others looking to sell their home for maximum value. Chris Matthews, Seller of 1689 Noe St. San Francisco.
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